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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  January 7, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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bt. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. santer is here with a check on the chilly forecast. >> we are expecting snow tonight. let's take a look at this storm right now. it is moving pretty quickly. that is developing some impressive snow across the midwest. a winter storm advisor is in effect for baltimore, eastern shore is exempt from this. only a couple of inches of accumulation is expected. it should last through tomorrow. the forecast calls for
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increasing clouds. 34-37. >> it will affect the morning commute tomorrow. water main breaks to tell you about that courteous and miles avenue. another one at lynwood n. pratt. -- and pratt. 12 minutes on the west side out a loop. -- walter looouter loop. that is it for traffic. >> it is with deep regret and sadness that i am resigning from mayor of baltimore
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effective february 4. >> an emotional speech from the city's mayor as she is stepping down. that is ever big story this morning. with only a couple of years as the city's leader under her belt, mayor sheila dixon resigned. >> defense struck a deal. jennifer franciotti is outside with the details. >> instead of lobbying for a new trial like everyone thought would happen, the mayor and her defense hammered out a deal with prosecutors. she is resigning effective february 4. the mayor has to plead guilty to one count of perjury, for failing to report gifts of fur coats, travel, and cash from her onetime boyfriend ronald lipscomb. in return, she gets punishment of probation before judgment in both cases.
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that is significant. it allows her to keep her pension of $80,000 a year. >> it is a major slap on the wrist, beyond a slap on the rest. i hope it sends a message to politicians. you will lose your job even if you commit a minor offense. >> we will hear more from the mayor during her emotional press conference that she had last night. we will talk about some of the fine details of this plea deal which means taxpayers will not have to pay for her defense. wbal tv. >> we are getting a lot of reaction on the mayor's resignation. a statement was released yesterday saying it is a difficult day in the history of our work city. we need to support our councilwoman and she leads baltimore progress as the interim mayor.
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>> those that work closely with the mayor, many say they are sad to see a good friend go, but are also looking forward. >> i think she did a fantastic job. she has been here quite a few years. >> i have talked to some of my city council members. they are ready for the transition when it happened. >> it is sad for the people of baltimore. there is nothing i can do to control it. >> council members are valid for a smooth transition despite mixed emotions. we also want to know how city residents feel about the resignation. here is what some had to say. >> we deserve a new mayor and somebody that is going to support us.
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>> to absolves the city of any further turmoil, it is good for her to step aside. i support her 100%. >> she deserves to step down and pay the consequences in every way. >> we do not need to spend unnecessary money on the trial. >> many are relieved to see the drama surrounding the city come to an end. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. how do you feel about mayor sheila dixon's decision to resign? email us your response to >> transition of power is under way as the city council president released this statement. it is a difficult and sad time for baltimore. i want to make sure the city is protected and the essential services are maintained. i am urging everyone to do the
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same in city government. i have every confidence that city leadership will work to ensure an orderly transition of power. the new mayor is no stranger to politics. she is the daughter of a lawmaker, but also the youngest person ever elected to city council. she was elected council president in 2007. she is a lawyer, wife, and mother. >> we spoke with congressman elijah cummings. he said a look forward to working with my good friend stephanie rawlings blake as a move forward to address the challenges facing our city. we are hearing from another person who is set to see the mayor step down but will continue to fight for tougher gun laws. she says i will continue our efforts to continue our legislative efforts by advocating for much-needed
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reform. we must make our city and state safer. >> there is continuing coverage of her resignation on our website. you can find statements, reports from her trial. go to maryland gov. will have a democratic challenger in the primary. the former state delegate has been a sharp critic of fiscal policy including the raising of state sales tax. >> the white house will release its review of the christmas day terror plot. president obama said intelligence agencies failed to connect the dots. they will look at what went wrong.
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the national security adviser says americans can be shock at the missed clues that led up to the terrorist attempt. more for you coming up. the case against the man who shut down the nation's capital after hours after allegedly opening fire at a museum. >> a look at conditions. >> here is a live look at traffic. here is the beltway at liberty road. more
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>> 30 degrees downtown. windchill factor in the teens.
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it will be a transitional day. the clouds and encompass the area. snow developing tonight. 34-37 is the forecast high. the winter storm advisory in effect for our suburbs going into effect 10:00 tonight and into tomorrow morning. more on all of that coming up in our seven-day forecast. >> covering the nation, frigid temperatures in maryland is felt throughout 60% of the country including the sunshine state. orange juice prices rise to their highest level in a couple of years. the mississippi river looks more like the arctic circle. many are feeling the deep
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freeze. 90 million will see accumulating snow by the weekend. a self-proclaimed white supremacist in the d.c. museum shooting has died. he died yesterday while awaiting trial in a prison hospital. he allegedly shot and killed a museum security guard. it is not clear how he died. >> a new competitor is in town for a discount store. >> the company shut its doors. many students have their dreams put on hold. >> here is a live look at traffic. we will tell you about water
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>> welcome back. in the debt if you trouble spot. -- a few trouble spots. 11 minutes on your drive time on the outer loop. light volume around the area. a bit of a buildup on the west side. problem free @ harford road. we are looking at a smooth ride and 95 coming out of the white marsh area down toward howard county. let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> a few bus diversions, the
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seven bus, 50, and 20. light rail on-time. the trains are on time on all three lines. now back to sandra. >> good morning. i do not look forward to the morning commute tomorrow. we will be dealing with light snow. here is where the storm is now. lots of snow around the midwest. a little bit of sleet down near the mississippi valley. brain further south. the cold air will be in place over the mid atlantic. a winter weather advisory in effect for our northern and western suburbs. in effect 10:00 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the eastern shore and southern
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maryland are exempt from this. here is the futurecast of snow accumulation which is very light. a couple of dry spots are in there. this is by 11:00 friday morning. the bulk of this will happen tonight at about 10:00 p.m. it feels like 21 downtown. 19 at the airport. the wind today will be diminished at five or 10. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. snow developing sometime tonight. 34-37. winds have shifted to the southwest. we will be in the mid 20's tonight. a potent area of low pressure.
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it extends down to the self with a rainy makes. it is encountering cold air. we are expecting snow later tonight. midnight tomorrow morning through 6:00 a.m., things will be cleared by tomorrow afternoon, but we are not out of the woods as far as the cold weather goes. an arctic blast is on the way in time for the weekend. snow and harsh temperatures. a couple of inches of light snow tonight into tomorrow. the winds will be howling on saturday. in the mid teens on sunday morning. single-digit wind chills.
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more sunshine on the way, but it will not warmus up. >> you can talk to the irs, but there is no guarantee there will be a person to talk back to you. only seven in 10 taxpayers calling the irs for help will get a person. they can keep you on hold for an average of 12 minutes. taxpayers are already asking questions about the temporary tax break passed by congress to stimulate the economy. the company is reserving a section of the store for bulk items. that is target. the atoms are paper towels. -- items are paper towels for example. i love the idea.
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>> did the holiday bargains get you to the stores last month? we will find out in a bloomberg business report. >> retailers will release their december sales figures today. it is a key month for them. we are getting numbers from costco. it rose 9% from a year ago. things not rosy is hot topic which saw its sales plunged last month. and as a fourth quarter profit forecast that is lower. many analysts predict a holiday shopping rebound. a slightly lower start to things today. we finished mixed yesterday but declined in technology and
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telephone shares. tech leaders are pitching in with the new and improved laptops and mobile phones at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. in new touch-tone tablets computer firm hewlett-packard. in another product will also compete with apple's popular products. i am at the new york stock exchange. back to you. >> thanks. a private career training center has a couple of sites in maryland. it closed in december sang their line of credit had been frozen. it is working to get refunds to
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students, but it could take a while. >> we try to make students whole again by offering refunds or teach adults in a comparable program. >> the commission is working on an alternative way for students to compete -- complete their courses. >> we will get another look at show whether commute with traffic and weather together. >> the game plan this week is to avoid the unthinkable. we will explain coming up next. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to our watercooler question of the day. how do you feel about mayor sheila dixon's decision to resign? email us your response to
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for hundreds and hundreds less. >> 8 when a -- a win on sunday
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wreally direct. >> nothing is ever easy in the playoffs. the ravens on the road in foxboro. what may be more difficult stopping tom brady is stopping the guys trying to protect him. first and foremost, the ravens lost to the patriots because they cannot execute in time. tom brady asks for a flag and gets one. >> they give it sometimes. [unintelligible]
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he is protecting himself. >> if you pull back on him, he will torchy. the ravens will not change their identity to avoid a call. >> i do not think he take away your aggression because he would take away the way he played the game. >> the ravens were not supposed to win on the road during the playoffs last year. they did it twice. >> last year the ravens won in miami. [inaudible] >> sorry to interrupt you. the ravens caravan will be out this weekend. the marching band, cheerleaders, members of the front office will
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be there. how would you like a football signed by all of the ravens players of this year? submit a picture of yourself decked out in raven gear on their facebook page, and you could win. >> coming up. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon resigned in a surprise move. details are next. >> the white house is releasing its first review into the failed bombing plot on christmas day. details coming up. >> we are tracking a strong low pressure system entering the ohio valley. it is bringing us potential for snow. stay tuned for accumulation amount. >> it is pretty quiet for now on the roads. the roads. a couple of water main breaks to
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